14 Free (Or Nearly Free) Date Ideas


When your budget is as empty as your wallet, it can be hard to figure out how to make date night work. Here are some great ideas for free or nearly free date plans.

1. Picnics

One of the most creative dates I put together was for my boyfriend’s birthday. We had no money and he was working night shifts at a convenience store. I spent a little time at a yard sale the day before and picked up some pretty china and goblets, cooked breakfast that morning, and when he got in from work, I put a bandana around his eyes and drove him up to our favorite mountainside for a beautiful picnic breakfast. If you are into motorcycle dating, you can ride together to some unique picnic spot with a beautiful view.

2. Free plays

Whether it’s a local theater group putting on a presentation or the local arts council sponsoring art in the park, free plays are always a lot of fun.

3. Business tours

Wineries, candy makers or similar places often offer free samples and tastings at the end of a tour, combining a fun learning experience with some awesome taste experiences.

4. Historical sites

All over the country are a variety of historical sites, whether natural history or manmade history. If you’re a fan of motorcycle dating, this can be especially convenient for you because you can ride out and check out some sites in your area to learn local history while enjoying a day out.

5. Free music festivals

In the summertime, music festivals abound. With a little research, you can bring a blanket and picnic and make a day of it.

6. Arts festivals

No matter where you live, there’s going to be an art crowd, and where there’s an art crowd, there are festivals. Even without buying anything, you can have a great time checking out local talent.

7. Date Night In

Have fun cooking dinner, then watch a borrowed movie from a friend or the library. Throw in a massage and you’re on your way to a fabulous evening.


8. Cultural festivals

Much like art festivals, you can have a wonderful time learning about other cultures. Check out Chinese New Year celebrations, Oktoberfest or o cultural event. If you are both bike aficionados, you can definitely enjoy a road trip on your bike, it will just make it more fun.

9. Botanical gardens

With flowers, bushes and exotic plants creating a fabulous backdrop, a day at the botanical gardens can make an inexpensive and memorable occasion.

10. Play tourist

What great way to find those great hole-in-the-wall places you’ve been too busy to explore with someone you love. Also, when it comes to motorcycle dating, you can always go for a bike ride on one of the fastest roads in the world, just to put some adrenaline into your date.

11. Art Museum

In addition to a number of free local galleries, many larger galleries offer free admission at various points during the year.

12. Go geocaching

With GPS service available on most smartphones, this high-tech version of hide-and-seek, geocaching, is an awesome way to spend an afternoon. Track your location down and enjoy the thrill of the hunt with that special someone. With motorcycle dating, this can be even faster and more enjoyable.

13. Go Swimming

On a hot day, there’s nothing as enjoyable as a day at the pool, river or beach to relish with someone. Pack a picnic lunch, grab some sunscreen and you’re off!

14. Take a long walk

If all else fails, find a pretty location somewhere to take a long and enjoyable walk. Turn off the cell phones, put on some comfortable shoes and go for a hike.

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