Best Biker Dating Sites

UPDATED Jul. 2019

Bikers simply stand out from the crowd. They are free-spirited, adventurous and truly alive. They refuse to settle for a boring, ordinary life void of excitement, where every day is the same as the last. To them, life is not a mere series of days, weeks, months and years; it is an adventure. Above all, what makes bikers different from the rest of the lot is their passion, which makes them incredible partners who give you goose bumps every time they touch you or look into your eyes, no matter how long you have been together. And after all, there is nothing hotter than a girl or a guy on a bike, right?

If you are looking for a great partner both on and off the road, someone who will bring more color into your life and make you look forward to every new moment you get to spend together, but haven’t felt that magical connection with anyone you have met so far, perhaps it is time for a change of strategy.

The amazing universe of online dating just keeps on expanding and now includes sites that are especially designed to help bikers find their ideal matches among interesting, attractive singles who share their view of the world. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, read on and find out more about the great romantic opportunities that await you. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The dating sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every online dating site. Close
Biker Planet is one of the best biker dating websites around. Great design, cool features and a massive number of members - all real bikers - promise a great time and many matches.
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If you are not really into online dating, Biker Next is going to make you change your mind. It lets you meet like-minded bikers, have tons of fun and hopefully find someone special.
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Meet Local Bikers delivers on its promise every time, matching you with great bikers from your area and letting you easily make friends and perhaps even meet the love of your life.
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Biker Force is a super cool place where people who understand your passion for bikes gather, share their stories, become friends and often take their friendship to the next level.
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Biker Chat City lets you skip the meaningless conversations and meet people with the same love for bikes and a desire to share their life with someone who truly understands them.
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What To Look For In A Biker Dating Site

While all biker dating sites give you the chance to meet some nice biker singles, some simply do it better than the others. One of the qualities that make a big difference is the size of the membership base. If the site has a great number of members, you are more likely to find someone who is perfect for you, so it is a good idea to check the figures before you sign up.

Another useful feature that you should look for is the search option, which allows you to find the singles who suit your liking in terms of age, gender, location and other qualities you deem important. This way you can increase your odds of meeting someone you will get along with and who possibly lives nearby, so you can avoid any potential disappointments in the long run.

A good biker dating site should also allow you to communicate with other members in more ways than one, both publicly in chat rooms and privately via messaging, instant messaging, live video chat and similar features.

However, before the interaction even begins, it is nice to know as much as possible about other members, which is why you’d want to pick the sites with member profiles which contain a lot of information in the written form as well as images and possibly videos. A detailed profile can make you feel like you already know the person in a way, making communication a lot easier and smoother.

Our Recommended Websites

Now that you know what the most important features of a biker dating site are, let us take you for a tour and show you some of the best sites of this kind. Take a look at our short and sweet descriptions and we are sure you will find at least one site that sounds like a perfect place for you to meet some amazing biker singles.

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Biker Planet Review

biker planet homepage

This is surely one of the most popular biker dating websites, and for a good reason. Everything from the edgy black-and-red design to the enormous all-biker member base tells you that this is a place where you can have some pure, unadulterated biker fun. What is also amazing is that the site is all about functionality, with no unnecessary distractions or complicated and useless features spoiling the experience. Biker Planet does exactly what it should – it opens up a whole new world for you, filled with incredible, attractive singles who share your sense of adventure and want to make every day count.

With the miles-long list of site’s members, you are sure to find many great bikers to chat with, exchange instant messages and simply have a lot of fun interacting with other interesting, love-seeking singles. You will certainly not regret joining this community and who knows, maybe one of these days you will be having a great time with your new, wonderful partner and be endlessly happy you decided to take a chance and give the site a shot.

Newest Biker Dating Site

Biker Next Review

As soon as you enter the Biker Next site, you will be wowed by its mighty yet clean design that has love for a good ride written all over it. It is created with bikers in mind and you can just tell that they know their stuff and that this is the place where you will be spending a lot of time in the future.

Biker Next is more than a dating site. It understands the biker lifestyle to the core and likewise understands your view of romance and a perfect partner. It also has a pretty solid member base that just keeps on growing, so there are plenty of cool people to chat with, about bikes, love or anything else under the sun, and enjoy the experience to the max.

Although the site offers a lot of fun, it is also an amazing matchmaker, which is why we are sure that quite soon, you will start dating someone who does not only share your passion for bikes, but can also be your perfect partner in every aspect of your life.

Best For Meeting Singles Near You

Meet Local Bikers Review

meet local bikers homepage

This one is a real treat for any biker who wants to meet some cute, like-minded singles, get excellent matches from the local area and have an incredible time chatting, exchanging instant messages and getting to know new, exciting people who are looking for fun, friendship and love. And the beauty of it is that everyone on this site is a 100% true biker.

What we really like about Meet Local Bikers is that it works hard on connecting all of its members and includes such great features like statuses, which let you know what other bikers are up to, so you can perhaps meet them in person and join them for a ride. Apart from the detailed profiles and different modes of communication, this is one of the most useful options we have seen in this kind of sites.

All in all, Meet Local Bikers is a truly relaxed, fun place where friendship and love come naturally and it is easy to find someone great you can chat with about anything that picks your interest and fall in love along the way.

Best For Meeting Bikers In Your Area

Biker Force Review

biker-force homepage

This dating site is a place where bikers all across the US gather and chat, laugh, flirt and enjoy the online dating experience to the fullest. Once you log in, you get to view the many profiles of the great biker singles who frequent this site, search them by age, gender and location using the quick search option and see some of your potential matches.

At all times, there is someone you can talk to, both in chat rooms and privately and if there is someone you particularly like, you can send a flirt and discover if this cute biker feels the same way about you. Although the members come from every part of the country, it is easy to find those who live in your neighborhood, so once you really hit it off with someone online, you can meet in person and see if the chemistry is strong and tells you that you have found your perfect match.

What you will certainly enjoy about Biker Force is the variety that is impressive considering it is a specialized dating site. You will definitely meet many different, exciting biker singles and enjoy every moment you spend on this site.

Best for Singles Looking to Flirt

Biker Chat City Review


It is time to stop dating people who cannot keep up with your active lifestyle and find someone as cool and passionate as you are. Once you enter the world of online biker dating, you will discover all the benefits of dating only the people who share your interests and desires. No more wasting your time on relationships that aren’t going anywhere or trying to be the person someone else wants you to be. On these sites, you can be your awesome self and meet other amazing biker singles who will love you for it and wouldn’t want you to be anything else.

All the sites on this list are among the best biker dating sites on the web, so you won’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. Just pick the one with the right vibe and get ready to have a great time. You will surely find some great friends among the fellow bikers, enjoy the exciting conversations and soon, you will meet someone who will make you feel like the luckiest person on the face of the Earth.

When it comes to online biker dating, we have no more advice but to listen to your heart and take a chance on love. Join one of these sites (or two or three), get to know some wonderful people who share your view of life, enjoy all those wonderful moments you will spend chatting with like-minded singles and just let the magic happen.