Biker Planet Review - UPDATED Jun. 2024

UPDATED Jun. 2024
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Biker Planet is the crème de la crème of biker dating websites no matter how you cut it. It has a huge membership base, great features and endless potential for finding biker dates. This thoroughly-researched Biker Planet review will provide you with all the details you might be interested in before you decide to try out the site for yourself.

Biker Planet Review

First Impression

Biker Planet is a famous name in the world of dating websites and it is almost impossible not to hear about it even before you start biker dating online. When you first log onto it, it is immediately clear that these people know their stuff and that they are not too concerned with frills and fluff. They want to help you find your biker soulmate as quickly and as excitingly as possible.

Biker Planet Home Page

Ease Of Use

While doing research for this Biker Planet review, we were thrilled to see that the design of the site is all about functionality, which is a nice change after checking out many other dating sites that try to confuse you with unnecessary fluff that actually takes away from the experience. With its red and black tones, it is very clear that this is a biker’s dating website and it truly is. This is pure biker dating.

When we’re talking functionality, there is nothing that can be said against Biker Planet. It is all very simple and logical and there is absolutely no chance that you will spend hours trying to find a feature or a page that you were looking for. As we said before, the people behind this dating site want to make it as easy as possible for you to find your dream biker date.
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Biker Planet offers everything that you could ever want from your biker dating site. The meaty part of the website are individual profiles of members with tons of personal information on each member and a lot of photos in their coolest biker outfits. In addition to this, there is the instant messaging feature, as well as live chat which is very active. Furthermore, you can get access to their forum which is also very active and where you can find out a lot about the world of biking and the members. Finally, there is the Rapid Match feature which works a lot like Grindr where you can Like or Pass on a member based on their photo and basic info.

Chat RoomChat Room


Biker Planet Members

The biggest strength of Biker Planet, as it should be, is the membership base which is simply huge and which features members from all corners of the US and the world. It is one of the largest biker dating websites out there, if not the biggest one and the most important thing is that there are hundreds of active members online any time of day and night.

The website’s huge membership is very clearly biking-oriented and you do not have to worry about any wannabe bikers on Biker Planet. We are talking members who know their bikes and who live that biker lifestyle.

One last thing that we have to mention when the membership base is in question is that you can expect to meet a ton of attractive and adventurous bikers on Biker Planet, both male and female. If you are looking for someone quiet and preppy, this is not the place for you. This is a place for bikers.

Biker Planet App

The modern world of dating has moved almost exclusively to our mobile phones. We don’t know if that’s good or bad but that’s the situation we’re in right now. So, it’s only logical that all the big dating sites, including the one we’re talking about today, have their own dedicated apps. So, if you’re looking for a Biker dating app, we recommend you check out the Biker Planet app. It’s easy to use, features a sleek design but more importantly it has a lot of users.

Biker Planet App Review Screenshot

You can set up your profile in a matter of minutes and we really mean that. Just look at some of the screenshots above. Here, at Biker Dating Expert, we constantly talk about how the bio sections are simply too long for their own good. And it would appear that the good people who developed this powerful Biker dating app listened to us. The bio section is quite short but it has all the information you need. After all, it’s much more fun to actually talk to someone and find out more about them.

This is how you bond with people in the real world and the digital world of dating should follow this recipe. This brings us to some of the features of the Biker Planet app. Of course, you can chat and send photos but did you know that this app also has a Rapid Match system? If you’re short on time or you just want to have some fun, hop over to that section and swipe left or right, you already know how the whole thing works.

Another cool feature we liked during our extensive testing period was the “Who’s seen your profile section”. The algorithm behind the app displays your profile to other users and we noticed that it was quite good at that job. Finally, we also liked the fact that you can extend your search to not just any state in the US but also the world. So, if you want to chat with some bikers in the UK or Germany, you can do that. Who knows, maybe your next European vacation is going to be a memorable one. There are two versions of the app, one for iPhones and one for Android-based phones

Closing word

There’s nothing else to say in the conclusion of this Biker Planet review except that the website truly is one of the best biker dating websites you can join and for a number of reasons. For one, the membership is free and you will need only a few moments to become a member. It is also designed perfectly and super easy to use. There is a ton of things to do on Biker Planet and the huge and very active membership ensures that you will never be bored when visiting the site. On top of all that, it is one of those dating websites where you can truly find your perfect date. And easily.

User Reviews (16)

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  1. Catherine Dieterle | May 21, 2021

    This site sucks, no one remotely close to my area that I live, is on this site, when you join, you automatic get billed from other bike sites. Nothing but old men, no one of my age on this site either.

  2. Robert Weekly | August 10, 2020

    I paid $49 to join this site a month ago. I paid for 3 months. Aug 9 after less then on month after signing up they deleted my profile. I have tried to contact Bikerplant but they just ignore me. When I found that they deleted my profile they put up a old profile I had on there 10 years ago. Imagine that for a second, they are putting nonexistent profiles on there sight just to make them self’s look more busy than they are. I found that my profile had been on line with out my knowledge fpr 10 years. There was a number of replies that I wasted even ware of. I gave Bikerplant over half a day to respond but cant seam to get a reply. 1 star it far to good of a rating for this dishonest outfit.

  3. Country Wisener | January 7, 2020

    I’d give it a zero but it didn’t go that low!!! Terrible Site! Buncha women didn’t even ride.And a ton of redirects
    And false ads…they bragged about this site but did nothing for me!!!
    Ladies if it’s called a biker dating site that means you need to like motorcycle s

  4. Jerry Davey | November 11, 2019

    I just joined been having troubles can’t get help, can’t get a refund. Can’t change anything in my profile. They have me living in Massachusetts, I live in New York. If you want to loose your money like I did join up❗😠

  5. Joyrider | October 31, 2019

    It’s not a free site. If you want to communicate with someone you have to pay a fee. I would not judge a book by it’s cover. But, Clement another biker mentioned that site’s ladies were not into biking which is the draw of the biker dating title. Anyway, throttling through the pics is amusing.

  6. Lilly | October 24, 2019

    I want to find me a nice biker man. Between 45 to 55 .

  7. Miles Kresney | October 4, 2019

    Thumbs up for the forum, you guys! I’ve been talking with some interesting biker gals, I’m having a date next week! Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop, and I’ll be back fore!

  8. BikerForLife | August 11, 2019

    There are so many people here! When I signed up, I was completely hooked up and there’s always someone to IM with. Also, rapid match is really good, you can shoose very quickly people you like and then visit their profiles regularly. All in all, so far it’s a great experience, keep it up!

  9. Jonas437 | June 15, 2019

    I had my doubts about this site but I was pleasantly surprised. Girls here are real easy to chat with, I even did a few video chats, it was fun. I love that the community is actually focused on bikers and people that love them, we need more dating websites like Biker Planet, for sure.

  10. PaintItBlack | April 8, 2019

    Signed up in August, met my perfect girl 5 days ago. Didn’t believe in dating sites till now. Whoever made BP, you rock!!!

  11. FridaNotKahlo | February 20, 2019

    I went through a terrible breakup and I just didn’t want to go through it all again so I stopped dating for a while. My friends were worried and they insisted I try online dating at least, just to stop thinking about my ex. They suggested BP because they heard it’s really popular so I registered just to get them off my back. I’m so happy I listened to them. I now know that not all bikers are jerks and I have been talking to this guy for 2 weeks now, maybe we’ll go out on a real date soon 🙂

  12. Pablo Ahmad | January 20, 2019

    I like that you can search by the things you like and not just browse endlessly and there are so many things to fill out on your profile it took me days to set it up but after I got couple of messages so it seems to be working.

  13. Rudy Brock | September 20, 2018

    So, I’ve tried to send a quick message but I get redirected to pay, non of the flirts I’ve sent sent anything back and I don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work.

  14. Lidia Phelps | February 22, 2018

    The site looks serious and that’s what made me decide to join. It has many options and most of them are free which you don’t see very often. I’m new at this so I’m still getting the hang of it but it looks like there could be some interesting guys.

  15. Codie Sutton | August 20, 2017

    Rapid match is awesome, it’s just one click and there’s tones of chicks to choose. I do it when I’m bored or waiting for someone.

  16. Clement Mason | February 20, 2017

    Didn’t really like what I saw, most of the ladies just looked old and didn’t seem into bikes at all. Hot chick profiles turned out fake.

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