13 Things You May Not Like About Yourself That Are Affecting Your Relationships


All of us have things that we recognize about ourselves that we would like to change. Sometimes those deficits are strong enough to impact the relationships that we have with others. Here are 13 things that you may not like about yourself that are affecting your relationships.

1. You are a Winner

You happen to be the most competitive person that ever lived. You cannot lose graciously. People seriously avoid playing games with you. You embarrass yourself, but you cannot stop winning.

2. A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste

You speak your mind before you engage your brain. Do you say whatever you think? You sometimes say really inappropriate things even at work. Your partner does not want you to meet their parents. It’s very important to stop and think, even when you’re sure you’re right, articulate it appropriately.

3. Little White Lies

There is nothing little about lies, regardless of their size. People develop trust in others by that person’s actions. If you lie about little things, and people know that about you, then they won’t trust you. Honesty is one of the most crucial elements of any good relationship, so leave the “little white lies” out of it.

4. Perfection

Nothing is ever good enough for you. You see that the glass is always half empty. There are things you would change about everything. You cannot help but point out flaws. Nobody likes constant negativity.


5. Flirting is Harmless

Even in a relationship you flirt with other people. At work, you flirt with coworkers. The message you send are mixed, and it affects how people treat you. You are addicted to the feedback from the opposite sex even when you have a partner. Their trust is not going to last forever, and without trust, your relationship is doomed.

6. Your Wardrobe is inappropriate for work

You like to look good, but you have not mastered the art of dressing for work. Your pants are too tight. Your shirt is revealing. Your outfits do not instill confidence in coworkers, visitors, or your boss. You want to be professional, but you don’t want to be boring.

7. Silence is Golden

You are a constant talker. You’d talk to a fence post if it would listen. You prattle on and one about everything, including person topics. You don’t know why you do that and you wish you could stop. Short of duct tape, nothing has worked yet. People avoid you because they never get to say anything. If you are dating a shy person, have in mind they need more time to open up, so give them space to talk.

8. The Rollercoaster

You are emotional. You are really happy or really sad. You cannot take criticism without crying. You lash out at people because you are upset. You avoid people because you are embarrassed about your behavior.


9. The Grudge

You don’t let things go. You hold onto the slightest slight even if it is imagined. You wait to get your revenge. You are consumed by getting even. Your boss is afraid of you. Your partner is afraid of you. Your friends, wait, you have none.

10. Error Free

You are never wrong. You spend all day finding facts that prove you were right. You argue over the smallest points in conversations. You always have the last word. You miss the forest because you are arguing with the trees. People avoid you.

11. You are not humble at all

You are greedy. You want it all. You feel like you earned it and it should be all yours. You gloat over your successes. You don’t value other peoples feelings.  You build yourself into something that you are not, all so that you can be the best. People see through you. You see through you.

12. Habits are not just for Nuns

You have bad habits. Maybe you bite your nails. Maybe you chew with your mouth open. People avoid you because of your habits. You are aware of your bad habits and cannot correct them, even when you try. Especially if you are trying out the blind dating field, pay attention to the habits that could be off-putting.

13. Obsessive Compulsive

Your OCD is legendary. You get nothing done because you are cleaning your desk. You cannot get intimate with your partner because you have to find a padded hanger for your sweater. Spontaneity does not exist. You cannot stop thinking about something that you left undone.

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