11 Creative Ways To Say Those Three Little Words


Are words just not enough for your special someone? When it comes to getting the message across, there’s nothing like putting your own special stamp on it. Here are 15 creative ways to say those three little words.

1. Say it in shoe polish

In addition to making your shoes look fabulous, shoe polish also makes a great glass paint for putting your message on house or vehicle windows.

2. Put together a relationship ABC book

Did you meet in Arizona or Boston? Do you love that his middle name is Charles or Dale? You get the idea, just figure out something special about your relationship for each letter of the alphabet.

3. Make a game of it

Use Scrabble tiles, Boggle dice or similar game pieces to spell out your love. Another quirky alternative? Use keys from an old or broken keyboard to spell it out.

4. Tell them how sweet they are

Use candied letters, frosting, cookie cutters or stencils to decorate cookies, cakes or other sweets with your own unique words of love. Sending these to your significant other is also a great way to keep your long-distance relationship alive.

5. Make a misty message

Use Rain-X or a similar product that waterproofs windshields to write a message on the bathroom mirror that remains invisible until the rest of the mirror fogs up at shower time.


6. Spell it out for breakfast

With a little practice, you can use pancake batter and bacon to form letters to spell out the words.

7. Play around with it

Use classic wooden children’s letter blocks to write out your message.

8. Make an eggcellent message

Blow out a raw egg, decorate it and let it dry. In the meantime, write a message on a slim slip of paper, coil it tightly around a toothpick and then slip it into the egg.

9. Unravel a note

Using ribbon or a long, slender piece of paper, write out a message, roll it around a spool and tie it in place with another ribbon.

10. Put a message in a bottle

If you use a bottle that’s had oil in it, be sure to wash it out well with lots of hot water and dish soap to get all the oil out first, or the message will stick to the sides. Write your note, curl it up to face outwards and slide it through the opening. Then you can both “accidentally” find the bottle on your next romantic date.

11. Put a note somewhere unexpected

Your ILY can show up tacked to the back of a tie, on a shampoo bottle with permanent marker, engraved on a candy bar or at the top of their to-do list. Another great option? Put post-it love notes in a bunch of unexpected places. Remember that the surprise factor can really do wonders for your relationship.