Why Tons of Guys Want to Date Bikers

Today, we are featuring a guest post from a guy looking to get into online biker dating. Check out his experience with BikerPlanet.com:

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As someone who’s always been fascinated with subcultures, especially in America, I’ve was more than pleased to learn that the relatively young and ever-growing world of online dating is just as divided into niches as every other segment of society, and that, to my great excitement, there was a whole world of biker dating websites. I simply had to check it out! But, then I found out that there was so many of them, I didn’t even know where to start. After a night of Googling and asking around, I decided to sign up for bikerplanet.com, a strictly biker online dating site that struck me as the most serious and legitimate. It was a good call, it turned out, since signing up only took a few seconds and the website didn’t even ask for my credit card or anything. Filled with optimism, I dove head first into the vibrant community of bikerplanet.com.

I decided I wanted to meet some ladies who are into the whole biker lifestyle, maybe meet up with them and see what exactly it is that they’re looking for from an online dating site that caters to bikers, and whether they’re getting what they were hoping for. I was also curious to see how many of these profiles were legit, as I suspected at least some of them had to be bogus.

biker girlMy first stop was the browse section, where I looked at hundreds of pictures of real hot biker chicks in full leather gear, often posing next to a pretty cool-looking motorcycles. I started sending messages and inviting girls to chat. I must have sent several dozen messages that night, and about four fifths of them responded. As I clicked around, looking at profiles, I realized I really want to meet up with some of these ladies, so I started sending invites for a meet up and an interview to some of the girls in my general area. Only a few of them accepted my invite, which was logical, considering we only just met and my profile wasn’t even all that detailed, so the girls probably wanted to avoid any potentially unsafe situations.

Two of the girls who seemed most eager to meet were Ashlee and Kim. They agreed to meet with me the following day in a well-known local bar. They arrived together, which means they probably got in touch with each other and decided to stick together in case I turned out to be some perv. My boyish looks must have persuaded them otherwise, because both of them got pretty relaxed and cozy after the first drink. Ashlee seemed to be the proper biker chick, dressed in jean shorts and black tank top underneath a proper black biker jacket with what might or might not have been biker gang insignia (I’m clueless). She also had full sleeve tattoos and long, bleached and scorched hair. She was in her late thirties and her face seemed a bit worn. Kim, on the other hand, was your typical biker groupie. She seemed like a good girl who has not gone bad just yet but was well on her way. Here’s a part of the interview we did that day.

Me: So, thank you girls for coming, really. I’m obviously not a biker but I’m drawn to the culture, and especially to the biker chicks. I hope you don’t mind me being this direct.

Kim (giggling): Not at all. I mean, that’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it?

Me: My first question is – what do you think about bikerplanet.com? It looks like a pretty cool place for bikers to meet?

Ashlee: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’ve been using it for some time now. I’ve visited other sites, but this one seems to have the least number of fake profiles and stalkers. I’ve met some pretty cool people too.

Me: Did you hook up with any of them?

Ashlee: Sure (laughs)! I mean, what do you mean by hook up? You mean sex and stuff?

Me: Well, yeah.

Ashlee: Yeah, I hooked up with a couple of guys. I’ve even dated one for a while. I also had a few one night stands (laughs, blushes).

Me: What about you Kim?

Kim: I went on a couple of dates with guys I met on there. They were cool. I’m not looking for a serious relationship right now, so this works great for me. But I have a friend who met her fiancé through bikerplanet.com.

Me: So what is it you’re looking for from a guy on a biker dating site?

Ashlee: First of all, he has to have a profile pic. That’s why I like bikerplanet.com, almost all guys there have a profile pic. It’s not that the looks are the most important thing, but I kinda need to know what you look like before I agree to get in touch. He also has to be a real biker, not a poser. There are a lot of posers. If you are serious about the biker culture and lifestyle, I don’t even care what you look like.

Kim: Exactly. But also, I’m really into bikers (giggles), so I mean a guy has to look like one. You know, guys who work out, big guys, leather pants, big boots, sexy bike, that sort of thing. Oh and he has to love rock’n’roll and hard rock.

Ashlee: Obviously I’m not going to go out on a date with the first guy I meet. Unless he’s really, really hot (laughs). I like to exchange a few emails first, see what he’s like, what kind of things he likes. With some guys I just click faster and better. Sometimes a really hot guy can turn out to be a total dumbbell, so you gotta spend some time getting to know them.


Me: What do these dates look like?

Kim: I like it if he takes me for a ride on his bike, or to see a concert, so that would be a perfect date for me. I don’ care for fancy dinners or anything.

Ashlee: Yeah, taking a ride together would be ideal. But more often, we just meet up for a couple of beers at a bar.

Me: Do you know any other ladies using biker dating sites?

Ashlee: Actually I do. A lot of my biker girlfriends use them. We have our own crowd but we kinda want to look around too, see what else is out there, maybe some bikers from out of state, some fresh faces. That’s what I like about bikerplanet.com, there are tons of people from all over.

Me: How much time would you say you spend on online dating on a daily basis?

Kim: I’ve spent sleepless nights on that website! (laughs) It’s just so addictive! I mean, you start browsing, sending flirts or messages and chatting, and the hours just fly by! There are so many hot guys on there, seriously. It’s hard to resist.

Ashlee: I have a kid so I can’t really spend endless hours on a dating site, but I do check in several times per day to see what’s going on, see if I have any new messages…

Me: Both of you ladies are really attractive; do you really need to use online dating to find men?

shutterstock_179911541Ashlee: Thanks! (laughs). But it’s not that I can’t find men. It’s just that it’s easier this way. Do you have any idea how much time and money you can save by looking for men online instead of having to dress up and go to a bar or something, buy yourself a couple of drinks, only to be constantly harassed by a bunch of drunk dudes? You don’t get any of that with online dating. I have tons of men in my inbox, ready to talk and probably eager to meet up. I just have to pick one or two up, and I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas! (laughs)

Kim: Yeah and you can also narrow your search, so the results only show a certain type, or guys from your area, or guys of a certain age. That also helps a lot.

Me: Well, ladies, this has been great. Thank you both so much!

Ashlee and Kim stick around for another drink and we chat about biker culture and dating in general. It seems like these girls have it all figured out when it comes to what they want from men and what they want from the dating game. Online biker dating is definitely a real thing and it’s just as fun, exciting and rewarding as I thought it would be.

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