Interracial Dating: When Race Is A Visual Stimuli


What criteria do you use when choosing your partners? Is height, income, education or fitness important for you or do maybe pheromones play a key role in your decision-making? Does all of the above come into play? Or, do you maybe follow your instincts without thinking too much about it?

In the past, race used to be incredibly significant when it came to choosing a partner. But, new research suggests that racism is over, at least when it comes to matters of the heart.

In 2005, Michael Rosenfeld of the prestigious Stanford University came to the conclusion that more than 7% of 59 million married couples overall were interracial, and a more recent unofficial study calculated that one in seven new marriages in the USA is interracial.

Here are the statistics:

The most common couple is a female Asian and a white male. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.  Furthermore, in Canada, around 75% of couples where one partner is Japanese are interracial.

After Asian-Caucasian couples, there are mixed Latin American couples with Caucasians, and African-American with both races.

If you’re in an interracial relationship, here are two of the most important things you should remember:

First, you should be sensitive toward different cultures, and this won’t happen overnight. To have a successful interracial relationship, you need to have learned to respect the values of different cultures and be able to enjoy them.

The mentioned study says the fertility cycle is also important. Data suggests that women are less sensitive toward cultural differences when they’re ovulating. So, if a girl rejects you because you’re different, wait for her to stop ovulating.

On the other hand, if she’s very respectful of the ways in which you’re different, that feeling will be stronger when she’s ovulating. It’s as simple as that.

Another crucial thing is how confident you are in your own origins and racial identity so that you never feel rejected on this level when you’re trying to get along with someone of a different race.

Feeling better already? Whether you want to make babies or just date for fun, don’t let race get in the way. The truth is that race is much more than a social construct. It is actually a visual stimulus.

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