Biker First Date Ideas

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or tenth biker date, you should treat it with care and attention. Some might say with care and attention you give your motorcycle but we won’t go there. First of all, we made sure that all of these first-date ideas work anywhere in the country. Well, with the exception of Alaska, it might be a bit too cold there for any outdoor activities. Secondly, your safety and security are of the utmost importance so do not blindly accept invitations for sunset dates or abandoned anythings.

We’re not saying that anything bad might happen but it would be wise to leave these things for a later date. And even then you might consider turning on emergency GPS beacons or any other passive monitoring apps. Your partner does not have to know about them or you can tell him or her that your location is being tracked. The choice is yours.

So, why is the first date so important? Well, sometimes it makes the difference between a yes and a no. If you have a great first date idea, your potential partner will be more likely to say yes. For example, let’s say you join one of the biker dating sites and you send a flirt to someone. That someone flirts back and you start talking. Then you suggest that you might go on a date. And this is where you whip out this article and suggest something that will seem like a fun date.

Biker First Date Ideas

Going against the grain

This is a rather risky tactic we recommend for those who are looking for longer relationships and true love. And it works best if you have a, let’s just say, biker appearance. You know what we’re talking about. To counter that and catch your date by surprise suggest going to a local farmers market. That way you can support people in your local community and show a different side of yourself.

A more grounded, old-school side, the one who likes the old days when things didn’t arrive on your doorstep but when you had to work for them. And you already know what to talk about. If something feels off about the experience, you might say you’re going outside your comfort zone and you feel vulnerable. This will show your date your caring side and probably make them fall for you. We’re not guaranteeing anything but we kind of are.

Help the Community

Any type of charity event is a welcome one. First of all, it takes away all the unnecessary tension and lets you bond over something in common. For example, this might be an event for veterans, farmers, doctors, or anything else that might be happening in your area. Perhaps you’re a part of a club that organizes such events. And you are and they don’t, perhaps you might suggest they do.

A Sure Thing: Live music

There’s nothing better than live music and if it’s good then your first date is going to go extraordinarily well. We know that not all of us live in vibrant and lively cities or towns but we’re guessing that in a hundred-mile radius there’s something going on. There’s a small venue with one guy playing acoustic guitar, smoking, and drinking on stage.

Find the strangest museum in your area

You might not even be aware that there’s a museum with the world’s biggest collection of shoelaces in your town. We’re also not aware that such a museum exists but who knows it might be ten minutes from your current location. Every place has this strange museum that you probably visited as a kid and then totally forgot about it. So, now would be a good time to revisit it.

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