Biker Dating Online – New Flirt Feature is a Gamechanger!

Biker Dating Sites Flirt Feature

If you’ve ever been on any of the big dating sites you might have noticed something strange. When you go to someone’s profile there’s only one option you can choose and that’s to message that person. And we all know just how scary that can feel. The fear of rejection or even worse, insults is very real. Not to mention the fact that sometimes the other person doesn’t even respond, leaving you wondering what have you done wrong. Was your message too long or too short? Maybe it wasn’t creative, positive or attractive enough. There are many reasons why someone might not respond to your message but all of them can have a negative impact on your mental health.

You see, in the past, we humans did very different things when it comes to dating. Social and more importantly, non-verbal cues are an integral part of this process. And in the online world, there’s simply no room for them. The apps and dating platforms are made in such a way they favor this fast-paced and dare we say, unnatural way of dating. Just imagine being in the real world and witnessing someone smile at you or give you The Look. These simple actions mean a lot and our bodies along with our brains are trained to recognize them. They feel natural and are more likely to yield a positive result.

So, what are these flirts, how do they work, and are they free? First of all, we would like to bring to your attention one of the biggest biker dating sites, Biker Planet. Apart from the new and sleek design, it also features the Flirt option you can use for free. And, more importantly, you can join this site for free. If you want to know more about it, just read our detailed Biker Planet review. When you join this online community and go to someone’s profile page, you’ll notice two buttons. You can either send a message to that person or send a flirt. If you decide to send a flirt, that person will receive a notification in their inbox that you’ve flirted with them.

You don’t have to write elaborate and creative messages, you just need to click a button and that’s it. From then on, there are three possible scenarios. That person can send you a flirt back, they can message you, or ignore the event completely. Notice that two out of those three scenarios are positive. And even if the other person decides to ignore your flirt, it’s not like you’ve wasted any time or effort. Plus, you know that even if they don’t want to talk to you, you’ve just made their day. All of us like compliments and that’s something that’s also true in the digital world.

So, not only you can join Biker Planet for free but you can also send flirts for free. And that’s an unlimited amount of flirts, just to be clear. There are no limits or anything like that. If you want to get the premium membership you can, but all of the things we’ve talked about are completely free. Premium membership comes with its own set of special perks but we will talk about that another time. So, what are you waiting for, get out there and make things happen!

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Meet Local Bikers

Meet Local Bikers is one of the top biker dating websites, and for several good reasons. It has an amazing, enthusiastic user community, lots of cool features and excellent design and functionality.

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Biker Next

Biker Next is a terrific-looking website, done in a very serious and professional way. Here you can be yourself and chat or message other users and, who knows, maybe even find the love of your life.

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