Are Bikers Dangerous to Date?

Are bikers dangerous to date

In our ongoing series of debunking biker myths, we have reached the most common question asked when it comes to biker dating: are bikers dangerous to date? We’ve all heard the stories, seen the news, and listened to our friends saying we should err on the side of caution. So, it’s time to finally delve deep into this topic and settle it once and for all. We won’t waste your time and just come out and say it: bikers are no more dangerous to date than any other men. It’s just that they have a reputation that people used to their advantage.

People used bikers for their monetary gain since biking has become a thing. And when biker gangs started cropping up, the whole thing just blew up. The truth is that a huge portion of bikers is not affiliated with any club. And if they are, the club is most likely just a neat way for them to meet other people who are into bikes and possibly run charity missions as they so oftentimes do. Granted, there’s a small percentage of real biker gangs but you’ll be able to spot them from a mile away.

We highly recommend you avoid them. So, there goes the whole biker gang myth, what do we have next on the menu? Ahhh, yes, bikers are these violent criminals who simply don’t know any better. This is simply wrong and offensive. We believe this is the work of so many television programs that used bikers to label a whole group of people for no reason other than their appearance. Dressed in leather and sporting long bears, these men do look intimidating but if you sat down and talked to them, you would soon come to know the truth.

These are some of the friendliest, most moral, and most importantly loyal people out there. If you have trouble with your car, they pull up and help you. If they see someone beating someone, they step in. And we don’t need to tell you what happens if a biker sees someone beating a woman. We think you know what happens then. Just ask yourself, how many people you know would willingly put their life on the line for someone they don’t know? So, in reality, bikers are not criminals but they are people who stop criminals.

And we haven’t even begun talking about women bikers. What about them? Are they dangerous to date? If you google biker girl all that comes up are these revealing costumes and nothing about the girls and women who proudly ride their bikes side by side with men. So, we can safely say that no, bikers are not dangerous to date. And if you want further proof, you can join one of the biker dating sites and see for yourself.

Top 3 Best Biker Dating Sites

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Biker Next

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