15 Tips For Blind Dates


So, you’ve been set up on a blind date, or you set yourself up with one using one of the many dating sites for bikers. Either way, you are undoubtedly nervous and hoping to make the best of it. Check out these tried and true tips to help your blind date go off without a hitch—or perhaps ending with one.

1. Annoy the Matchmaker

Before you go anywhere, ask the person who set you up on the blind date everything about the other party. Do your research online if you are dating someone from a biker dating site. In addition to making yourself feel more comfortable with the date, you’ll have plenty of ideas of things to talk about that will interest him or her.

2. Be Courteous

This should go without saying, but unfortunately, some people do not respect others on a blind date. Take into consideration the other person’s schedule and time by being nice even if you aren’t satisfied with the date.

3. Don’t Be Too Sexual

Going on a blind date doesn’t equate to the scent of sexual desperation and vice versa with your date. Don’t expect the date to be nothing more than a sexual encounter or you may miss out on a wonderful opportunity to get to know someone—possibly your future partner.

4. Dress to Impress

Just because you are going on a blind date doesn’t mean your date is blind. Some people don’t need to hear this, but unfortunately, not everyone seems to remember that you need to dress to impress when making a first impression.

5. Have Fun

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Have a good time while on your date, even if you don’t have a connection with the other person. If you do like your blind date, having a lack of enthusiasm can quickly burn that bridge.


6. Focus On Your Date

Stay focused on getting to know your date, rather than letting them get to know you. In other words, don’t spend the entire date talking about your friends, college days, travel experiences or, even worst, bad blind dates of the past.

7. Don’t Show Off

Just because you drive one of the most expensive and luxurious motorcycles ever or you have a McMansion doesn’t give you the right to stick it in your blind date’s face. Stop overcompensating.

8. Go Doubles

If you are feeling especially apprehensive about your blind date, don’t go alone. Instead, make it a double date. It will help if the couple includes at least one person you know, and that they are an established couple rather than on blind date themselves.

9. Be Yourself

This tip is common for any date, but for a blind date, it is even more important. As you are on a blind date with someone you’ve never met, you want them to get to know the real you. If you’ve met your date on a biker dating site, try to relax and remember that you’ve already spent hours talking to that person.

10. Be Cautious

Don’t go into a blind date fully blind. Agree to meet at a public place that is well lit, populated and somewhere you are comfortable. Tell your friends and family members about your blind date plans so that they can check up on you after the date to make sure you are ok.


11. Paying

It’s the 21st century, so the days when men foot the bill are long gone. Today, it is perfectly acceptable for a couple of people on a blind date to split the bill. Either way, make sure to clear up who will pay beforehand so that you aren’t left with that awkward and often date-breaking phrase: “I forgot my wallet.”

12. What to Do on the Date

Avoid a movie unless you don’t plan to talk at all during your date. Fancy dinners are not the best either since they encourage plenty of opportunities to make a mess of things, i.e. salad versus steak fork faux pas. Do something active or in a group situation, such as having a picnic at a park or going to a pottery class. If you are near one of these scenic bike rides, why not do it?

13. Be a Conversationalist

On a blind date, conversation is the key to success and future dates. Awkward silences, well, they are just awkward. Avoid at all cost by thinking of things to ask ahead of time, which should be are about your date and their life rather than your own.

14. Speaking with Body Language

Communication includes using your body. Make sure to keep your focus on your date’s eyes. Mimic the movements of your date by copying them naturally, such as crossing your legs in the same direction. Touch them on the arm as a way to show them you are into them.

15. Warning Signs

Of course, not every blind date will be beautiful and perfect. So, when you see that your blind date is wearing a wedding ring or a light colored band of skin on his or her tanned hand, back away quickly. Also, if the blind date persists on talking about their past relationships or if they are just plain rude, end the date nice and easy.

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