15 Questions You Should Ask On A First Date


First dates are the ideal time to get to know someone. While there is plenty of time to get to know someone on subsequent dates, the first date is often the one where individuals gauge if they want to see the person again. Ask these questions to help you determine if you want a second date.

1. What Is Your Favorite Movie?

A favorite movie can tell a lot about a person. The genre of the movie can give you an idea for future dates, and the actual movie can give you clues as to whether you will get along or if you are opposites. Discussing your favorite motorcycle movies is always a great icebreaker.

2. What Are You Passionate About?

A person’s passions can give you clues into his or her daily life, providing you with valuable insight into his or her personality. This question can also serve another purpose, letting you see whether this individual has strong emotions or is pretty laid back. If you’re into biker dating, this will also serve as an excellent conversation starter.

3. Are You Close to Your Family?

Family plays an integral role in who a person is when they grow up. Asking about his or her family shows interest in the individual’s background and can provide you with information about past relationships and what your future may be like.

4. How Do You Spend Your Vacations?

Learning about the types of vacations an individual prefers to take can help you gauge your compatibility. If the individual you are dating prefers international travel, but you are a camper who enjoys long weekends in a tent, you may not be compatible enough to work out. The good thing about biker dating is that you can ask that special someone how they woud plan the ideal biker-friendly vacation and maybe even organize one.

5. What Are Your Goals in Life?

Relationships are all about compromise, but it can be difficult to compromise with someone who doesn’t share similar overall goals with you. Talking about goals on a first date may seem premature, but it can keep you from wasting your time.


6. What Do You Do in Your Free Time?

Free time can be a hot commodity for some individuals. If you are interested in seriously dating someone, you want to find someone who will make time for you. Learning about hobbies and what someone does in his or her free time can help you determine compatibility. You might also want to tie in the question about whether they used biker dating websites in the past.

7. What Type of Music Do You Like?

Music preferences say a lot about your personality. Asking your date what type of music he or she likes is about more than figuring out if you will fight over the radio; it’s about checking for a compatible personality.

8. If You Could Move Anywhere, Where Would You Go?

Even if it isn’t feasible to pick up and move anywhere in the world, this can be a great first date question. You can determine if your date is adventurous or prefers to play it safe. You might want to ask them if vicinity of great biking roads would play a role in their choice.

9. Who Is Your Role Model?

Everyone has someone they look up to and want to model their lives after. Asking this question will get your date thinking and will give you insight into what makes him or her tick. It can also give you a peek into what his or her future may hold.

10. Who Are You Closest To?

Some individuals are close to people outside their immediate family. Perhaps it is a grandparent or other relative. Or maybe it is a family friend or a best friend from growing up. Learning about who a person is close to can offer a peek into their daily life. You will also know who else you should get to know.


11. What’s on Your Bucket List?

Just about everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do before they die. Ask your date what is on his or her bucket list and compare notes. Who knows? Maybe you can check some things off together. This is also a good question to ask while talking to someone on a biker dating site.

12. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

This can be a difficult question to answer, but it is an important one. If someone can’t come up with one thing, it can be a sign of self-esteem issues. However, if your date can give you an answer, it can show you what is important to him or her in life.

13. Do You Have a Nickname? Why?

While some nicknames are just a shortening of an individual’s name, others have fun stories behind them. This information is not all that important to know, but the back story you may hear can help you get to know your date better and can work wonders in getting him or her to open up.

14. What Are You Dying to Try?

Even though some individuals aren’t adventurous and are happy with life as it is, asking this question can help you determine how your date thinks. It can also give you clues as to whether you will eventually get bored or you will always be doing something new.

15. What Was Your Longest Relationship?

It can be difficult to think about the individual being with someone else, but this can be a telling question. Someone who has only experienced short relationships may not be a good long-term prospect or may have commitment issues. It can also be useful to find out why a long-term relationship ended to avoid the same issues if you pursue a relationship with this individual.

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